Frequent Flyer Cards include 10 jumps that can be used by one jumper.

Frequent Flyer Most Popular

$ 105

10 x 1 HRAGES 7+

Frequent Flyer Most Popular

$ 80

10 x 1 HRAGES 6 and under. 


Save money by bringing a group, school field trip, or other educational organization. Purchase must be made in a single transaction using a credit card or cash to receive discount.

  • 10-19 jumpers = $1 discount per jumper
  • 20-29 jumpers = $2 discount per jumper
  • 30+ jumpers = $3 discount per jumper


Check-in with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using your smart phone and get $1 off for you and everyone in your group who you “tag” while at Flight.

Note: Discount does not apply to kid flight, family night, online tickets, or fitness classes.


Playing the best Latin music hits, Reggaeton, Bachata, Salsa and Merengue.

$19 for 2 hours of jump time from 6PM-8PM.

*Check our social media for dates


Flight rewards students with good grades with discounts.

Got an A+wesome report card?

  • Receive 50% off 1 jump ticket for all A’s.
  • Receive 25% off 1 jump ticket for all A/B’s

(Must bring in a current report card. Not to be combined with any other offer.)


Did you know that military and 1st Responders get 15% off at Flight?!?

To show our gratitude, Flight offers 15% off on all admissions to active military and first responders!


Fridays & Saturdays 9pm–11pm

Price: $18 Cover Charge

Music: Todays (clean) hits with a bit of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) to get you jumping! Be on the look-out for Club Flight DJ Night, featuring live local DJs spinning at the park!

Are your kids 14 years or older and looking for something to do with their weekend nights? Bring them down to Club Flight!

We create club-like atmosphere enhanced with lasers, disco lights, and a stellar sound system. It’s lights down, music up in a safe and supervised atmosphere.


Thursday 6pm–9pm

Music: Todays (clean) hits

Buy one jump ticket, get one of equal or lesser value free!


30% of all sales as a result of the fundraiser will go to your organization

Flight is commited to be an active community partner and our fundraisers provide a great resource for local schools and organizations.

We have set a fundraising goal of $10,000 per year for non-profits and charitable organizations. To achieve this target, Flight will donate 30% of all sales to go to your organization. Help us to reach our goal by allowing us to host your next fundraising event. Contact us to learn about other fundraising options or if you would like to check on availability.


  • Tuesdays 9am–10am
  • Thursdays 9am–10am
  • Fridays 9am–10am
  • Saturdays 7am–8am, 8am–9am, 9am–10am
  • Sundays 9am–10am

Price: 1 class: $11; 2 class: $16;

10 classes: $70

Music: Up-beat dance cardio that will get you pumped

Mix up your exercise routine with an intense trampoline workout like no other! Come and build your general fitness while burning up to 1000 calories an hour. Vertical motion workouts such as Flight Fit classes are more exciting, more beneficial, and actually more efficient than horizontal motion workouts like jogging or running. Studies suggest that 20 minutes of rebounding exercise is equal to one hour of traditional cardio exercises and are
also gentler on the joints. Our dedicated group of instructors are committed to deliver a fun and energetic experience that will have you coming back for more!

* Children of Flight Fit participants are welcome to come jump free of charge during or Flight Fit classes. Kids will be supervised and separated by size to ensure a safe environment.


Are you looking for the ultimate Flight experience? Do you need the facility all to yourself? We offer opportunities to rent the entire park for your large group or party of up to 200 guests.

If you are ready to party all night long, sleepovers are also popular and available Friday and Saturday nights from 11pm–7am. Feel free to contact us for and incredible experience you will never forget.

Call 703.663.2440 for rates and availability.


Friday 2pm–4pm

Price: $10 for an hour

Music: Today’s clean hits

Need a fun activity to get the kids moving? Bring them down to Flight and beat the rush before schools get out!