Dodgeball at Flight is unlike any dodgeball game you’ve played before. The added element of flying around the dodgeball arena makes it even more challenging and fun, for you and your opponent!


  • Dodgeball games at Flight are typically played on a “pick-up” level, reservations are not required. If you’re in the mood for a dodgeball game at Flight, grab some friends, or others in the park, head on over to the courts and have at it!
  • We will provide a referee for any games that are 4-vs-4 or more (max is 6-vs-6).
  • Dodgeball is very popular on the weekends and during school breaks, so you may have to wait in line just a few minutes to play, but the games go very fast.
  • You can read the dodgeball rules at the park and the referee’s decision is final.